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'Blessings are multiplied with justice.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 4211

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Question : #470 Category: Shia Sunni Dialogue
Subject: explaing matam to Sunni
Question: Salaam i was just wondering,how to explane to sunni muslims about doing matam? I mean alot of sunni muslims have said that in Nahjol balagha imam ali says that if you hit yourself all your good deeds will go away. So is there any hadith or anything we can say to make them beleive why we do matam?
Answer: Wa Aleakom Al Salam Wa Rahmatullah.
Dear Brother;
about this I must remind you some issues that this issues are very important for us when we want to talk or discuss about some thing;
We talk with reason and we expect to hear things with reason.
it means when a person come to us and tell us now is day or night , when we except him???
when he can proof what he saying.
so the first thing that we ask is what is your references ?
where is the book ?
where in the book?
what page?
what is the text saying?
what is before and after the text?
is the text is related to some other text or not
and so on....

this proses is nearly exact what we do about a narration or a dalil in our practical lows.
because : NAHNO ABNA AL DALIL.(we just follow the acceptable reasons.)

we have lots of narrations about Majales of Aba Abdellah Al Hussain (a.s)
and all of this narrations are from our Ahlulbayt (s.w).
first we have to ask sunni muslims that , if we show them a narration from our ahlulbayt(sw) would they except us or they just want to make doubt in our hurt about the Majales of Ahlulbayt (s.w),

and for your information brother , in Ziyarat Nahiyat Muqaddasa witch it narrated by Emam al Mahdi , Saheb Al Asre Wa Al Zaman (A. J) we have our reasons to make majales and Latmiyat for sayedana va mawlana Aba Abdellah Al hussain (a.s)
other than different narrations that we have about the majales and latmiyat form the other Maasoomin.(s.w)

asalokom al Dua.
ya ALI.

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