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That the scholar [al-Sadiq] (AS) was once asked about why a man may wake up in the morning feeling sad without knowing the reason for his sorrow. He said, 'If that happens to him then he should know that his brother is in sorrow, and similarly if he wakes up happy without a specific reason for that joy. And Allah's help do we seek with regard to the rights of the brothers.'

Bihar al-Anwar
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 74, p. 227, no. 20

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Question : #457 Category: Medical Issues
Subject: male gynecologists with female patients
Question: Over here in States most of the gynecologists are male and sometimes it
becomes very difficult to find a good doctor close to home. In States I
have seen many Muslim ladies going to male doctors who deliver their

Can Muslim women go to male gynecologists ?
Answer: The rule regarding this is that a person is required to see a doctor of the same sex when touching and examination of the private parts are involved.

Exceptions can be made when there is an emergency or a lack of availability of a doctor of the same sex. Also, when there is a question of competence, a person can opt for a more qualified doctor of the opposite sex if the issue of competence is vital to one's health.

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