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'The Prophet (SAWA) never hit anything with his hand, neither a woman nor a slave, only when he fought on the path of Allah (jihad), and he never took revenge for anything that was taken from him; only when any of the prohibitions of Allah were violated would he take revenge for the sake of Allah.'

Umm al Mu'minin Aisha bint Abu Bakr
Sahih Muslim, v. 4, p. 1814, no. 79

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Question : #453 Category: Holy Prophets
Subject: Question about Adam
Question: Did allah make Adam one of the elohim
Answer: Elohim is the name for God used frequently in the Hebrew Bible, and Adam [as] was created as a Prophet of Allah.

So Adam [as] was not created as an Elohim as that would mean Adam [as] was created as God.

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