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A woman who was honoured amongst her people was once brought to the Prophet (SAWA) charged with theft. He ordered her [hand] to be cut. A group from the tribe of Quraysh came to the Prophet (SAWA) and said, ?O Messenger of Allah! Must [the hand of] a noble lady such as her be cut like that of so and so for such a small mistake?!' He replied, 'Yes! Indeed those before you perished because of such a deed. People used to uphold the Punishments for the weak ones among them and exempt the strong and the noble ones of them, and therefore they perished.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Da'a'im al-Islam, v. 2, p. 442, no. 1539

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Question : #450 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: celebrations in Islam
Question: Celebrating birthdays allow in Islam?
Answer: We Shia Muslims, the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (a), have many occasions where we celebrate special occasions such as the 4 Eids, Meraaj, 13 Wiladats, i.e. birthdays of 14 Masumeen, etc.

Celebrating birthdays has the same logic where we recognise and acknowledge our trial on this earth and we should set yearly goals in order to truly appreciate the year lapsed.

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