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I asked Abu Abdillah [Imam al-Sadiq] (AS) about numerous narrations and he asked, 'Have you concealed anything about me?' So, I was trying to remember if I had, and when he saw how I was, he said, 'Anything you speak to your companions is fine, but publicizing it is when you say it to those other than your companions.'

Abu Basir
al-Mahasin, v. 1, p. 403, no. 910

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Question : #446 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: touching females for education
Question: Some students in the physical medical science study physiotherapy which requires touching the body of a female patient and handling her (body), to the extent required by the illness. Were the student to refuse to do that, he would fail the examination. Is it permissible to study this science and specialize in it?
Answer: This is permissible for the student if he knows or is confident that his specialization in this (field) is something upon which the preservation of some honored lives depends, even if it be in the future. His practice of physiotherapy should be in such a way that it does not lead to any sexual excitement.

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