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with regards to the verse: He says, I have squandered immense wealth , said, 'This refers to 'Amr b. 'Abd Wudd when ?Ali b. Abi Talib proposed to him to submit to Allah [i.e. embrace Islam] on the day of al-Khandaq [the trench], to which he retorted, 'And what about the immense wealth I have spent on you?!' for he had spent great wealth in obstructing the cause of Allah, so 'Ali (AS) killed him.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Tafsir al-Qummi, v. 2, p. 422

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Question : #444 Category: Food & Drinks
Subject: imported meat
Question: Is it permissible to eat, buy and sell imported chickens from Muslim countries on which is written the phrase Slaughtered in the Islamic Manner?
Answer: It is permissible for you to eat, buy and sell them as long as you do not know that they were not slaughtered (in the Islamic manner), whether the previously mentioned phrase is written on them or not.
Follow Up
And if these (chickens) are imported from non-Muslim countries and written on them is the phrase Slaughtered in the Islamic Manner?
Follow Up Response
It is not permissible for you to eat them if you are not confident that they have truly been slaughtered in the Islamic manner and not just claimed to be.

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