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Dryness of the eye is one of the signs of wretchedness.'. Imam ?Ali (AS) said, 'Tears only dry up as a result of the hardness of the hearts; and the hearts only harden as a result of an abundance of sins.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. v. 73, p. 354, no. 60

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Question : #433 Category: Interfaith Dialogue
Subject: counter arguments
Question: What is the ruling on saying salam or replying to it with respect to the People of the Book, or others amongst the unbelievers?

Is it allowed to congratulate them on some of their special occasions like Christmas and the like?
Answer: There is no objection to commencing with salam to them, it is our duty to represent the positive attributes of our religion.

Their salam should be replied by saying alayk.

There is no objection to congratulating them on special occasions.

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