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when asked about the characteristics of the Prophet (SAWA) while he was sitting with his legs tucked under his sword-belt in the mosque of Kafa, said, 'The messenger of Allah (SAWA) had white skin tinted with redness, with large black eyes, abundant lank hair, a thick beard, flat hairy cheeks, fine hair on his chest. His neck was [white] like a silver pitcher, he had hair from the top of his chest to his belly flowing like a cane, and he did not have any other hair on his stomach or chest. He had thick hands and feet [big bones], when he walked he walked fast and when he stood up it was like he had been erected from a rock. When he turned he would turn his whole body. The perspiration on in his face was like pearls, and the scent of his perspiration was more fragrant than strong musk. He was neither short nor tall, nor was he frail, nor avaricious. I have never seen someone like him (SAWA) before him or after him.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, v. 1, p. 410

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Question : #414 Category: Miscellaneous
Subject: Govt blocking sites
Question: salam alaikum,
i m frm oman n govt over here hav blocked some sites eg skype n internet phone calls sites.but if v use site crackers v can use those sites so is it alowed 2 use.
Answer: It is not permissible as such, as it is considered a deception and breach of an implied trust given to them (Oman Govt) on entry or on reception of a residency permit for their country, since the prohibition of deception and breach of trust is with regard to anyone.

If their (Oman Govt) purpose behind the blocked site is to prevent the enjoining in good and forbidding in evil, then it is permissible to undertake measures as noted in the question.

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