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Among the narrations about Prophet David (AS) that Allah revealed unto him, '...O David, I have created the hearts of those who long for Me from My Satisfaction and I have blessed them with the light of My Face...' So David said, ?O Lord, and how did they acquire this from You?!' He said, 'As a result of their good opinion, their refraining from the world and its followers, seclusion with Me and intimate conversation with Me, and this is a station that no one will achieve until they refuse the world and its people, do not occupy themselves with anything of its remembrance, devote their hearts to Me and chose Me over all My creation.'

Prophet David [as]
al-Mahajjat al-Baydd', v. 8, p. 59-61

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Question : #414 Category: Miscellaneous
Subject: Govt blocking sites
Question: salam alaikum,
i m frm oman n govt over here hav blocked some sites eg skype n internet phone calls sites.but if v use site crackers v can use those sites so is it alowed 2 use.
Answer: It is not permissible as such, as it is considered a deception and breach of an implied trust given to them (Oman Govt) on entry or on reception of a residency permit for their country, since the prohibition of deception and breach of trust is with regard to anyone.

If their (Oman Govt) purpose behind the blocked site is to prevent the enjoining in good and forbidding in evil, then it is permissible to undertake measures as noted in the question.

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