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was asked about jihad, as to whether it was a recommended act or an obligatory one, to which he replied, 'jihad comes in four forms, two of which are obligatory, one of which is recommended but can only be undertaken withan obligation, and one which is recommended. The first obligatory jihad is that which a man wages against his own self in keeping away from acts of disobedience to Allah. This is one of the greatest forms of jihad. Waging jihad against those disbelievers who persecute you is also an obligation. As for the jihad which is recommended but can only be undertaken withan obligation is to fight the enemy, which is an obligation upon the whole community, and which if they abandon, they are all Punishable for it. It is a recommendation upon an Imam, the limit of which is to come and face the enemy and fight them with his community. As for the jihad which is recommended, it is [embodied in) every recommended practice which a person performs and strives in its performance, its completion and its revival. Such an act, and the stnvmg to perform it is one of the best deeds because it is a revival of the Prophetic practice, and the Prophet (SAWA) has said, 'Whoever establishes a good habitual practice, he will get his own reward for it as well as the reward of whoever performs it after him until the Day of Resurrection, without any decrease in their reward thereof.'

Imam Hussain ibn Ali al-Shahid [as]
Tuhaf al-'Uqul, p. 243

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Question : #411 Category: Family Issues
Subject: cursing our children
Question: Salaam. Is it permissible for a mother to yell and cuss at her children for no reason.
Answer: Parents should always demonstrate restrain and patience especially when dealing with children.

A mother, or anyone for this matter should NOT curse in the name of Allah or the Prophets or their Family, and should inform their children on why they are upset through wisdom.

It is incumbent on the children to accept their mother's request at all times unless it's in direct contradiction to the teachings of Islam.
Follow Up
But for example can she call her children dogs,scum etc,for no reason.
Follow Up Response
A mother or anyone for this matter should not curse their children with terms that can have impact on their upbringing.

A child must realise that a mother / father may get frustrated at times due to the pressures of life. so the children should not provoke such animosity.

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