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'The miser's parsimony suffices as mistrust of his Lord, for a man who is certain of [God's] compensation would give generously.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 73, p. 307, no. 35

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Question : #408 Category: Women's Issues
Subject: a womans hijab
Question: Q) Is the covering the soles of her feet and the upper feet up to the ankles form a part of Hijab for a woman?
Q) Is it obligatory for a woman to cover her chin while praying?
Q) Does the lower part of the feet up to the ankle form part of Hijab for a woman?
Answer: According to the major Marjas, the only parts of the body that a female can reveal in front of non mahrams are the hands up to the wrist and the face. The underchin is to be considered part of the face.

A1 - It is not permissible for a woman to expose the top part of her feet to a non-mahram onlooker. However, she is allowed to keep her feet-top as well as sole-exposed during salat, if she is in a place where she is immune from the looks of a non-mahram person. As a recommended precaution, she should also cover the soles of her feet.

A2 - As for the part of the chin and the under chin that are seen when putting on the common head scarf, it is to be considered as part of the face, and is only optional not wajib to cover.

A3 - The lower part of the feet up to the ankles should be covered, as the Hijab acts as a medium for women to preserve her modesty.

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