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'It has been related that Mansur [Dawaniqi] ordered Imam Musa al-Kazim (AS) to sit with him to receive gifts and greetings for the day of Nayruz, so that he may take the gifts presented to him, so Imam replied, 'Verily I have examined the traditions from my grandfather the Prophet (SAWA) and have not found a single tradition about this festival. Rather it is a practice of the Persians which Islam eradicated, and God forbid that we should revive what Islam has eradicated.' So Mansur said, 'We only celebrate it as a matter of policy for our army, so I request you by Allah the Great to sit down', so he sat down ...'

Bihar al-Anwar
After quoting this tradition 'Allama al- Majlisi says: This tradition is in contradiction with the traditions of al-Mu'alla and indicates that Nayruz does not possess any religious credit, and the tradition narrated by al- Mu'alla is more authentic in its source and more well known among the scholars of hadith. It is possible to interpret this tradition as based on dissimulation (taqiyya), as there are some signs in al-Mu'alla's tradition that reveal this fact. (See footnote of Bihar al-Anwar, v

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Question : #403 Category: Shia Sunni Dialogue
Subject: different Shia Schools of Thought
Question: Salaam 'Alaykum,

I have heard that there are two schools of thought in relation to Taqlid - The Akhbari School and the Usooli School of thought. Can you please explain each in detail, including the history of each and what our Mujtahideen's opionion is on each of these.

Thank You
Answer: Both Schools are considered as part of the Twelvers Shia and they believe in the 14 Infallible.

The major difference between Akhbari and Usuli is that the former reject the use of following a Marja who adopt and exercise ijtihad - reasoning in jurisprudence rules.

The Usuli are a majority in terms of number of followers since the late 200 or so years, and since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Usuli School has dominated and gained popularity over the Akhbari's.

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