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'On the Day of Resurrection, a man will be brought forth to stand before Allah, and his book of deeds will be presented to him, and he will not see any of his good deeds therein, upon which he will exclaim, my God, this is not my book! For verily I do not see any of my acts of obedience therein?!' So he will be told, 'Verily your Lord neither loses nor forgets [deeds], but your deeds have gone because of your backbiting people.' Then another man will be brought forth, and will be presented his book of deeds, and he will see many acts of obedience recorded therein, and will exclaim, my God, this is not my book! For verily I did not perform all these acts of obedience!' and he will be told, 'It is because so and so backbit you, so his deeds have been transferred to you.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Jami' al-Akhbar, p. 412, no. 1144

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Question : #400 Category: Death Issues
Subject: enquiry about funeral processions
Question: What are the supplication (dua) and words which are mustahab to write on the shroud of a dead?
Answer: It is mustahab to write the dua of al-Jawshan al-Kabīr, testimony to oneness of God, to Prophethood of Ḥaḍrat Muhammad (s.) and to Imamate of Imam Ali and his sons (a.) while mentioning their names.
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The kind, benign aoincts of all the three great Muslim men described in this hadith e28093 the Prophet [d8b5d984d989 d8a7d984d984d987 d8b9d984d98ad987 d988d8b3d984d985] (the best of men), Al-Zubayr, and Abu Bakr [d8b1d8b6d989 d8a7d984d984d987d98f d8b9d986d987d985] e28093 are proof of the fact that, on witnessing or hearing of Asmae28099s hard work with her husbande28099s horse, all three either felt concerned or strove to help relieve her of her task.*wondering*.. So this must mean that this great sahabiah, (May Allah be Pleased with her, Ameen) must have never complained! To anybody ! Not even to her husband!!Like, she was doing all this work (which was kind of like slavery), and then she doesn't talk about it complain about it !!! SubhanAllah!! And we don't even have a fraction of her toil and trouble and look at us!! *ashamed beyond ashamed*JazakAllah so much for the reminders. I'm amazed that ONE hadith, can be looked at from SO many angles, with SO many conclusions and lessons drawn out. May Allah Reward you abundantly for your blog
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