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'Allah, most High, revealed to Prophet Moses (AS) saying, ?O Moses, thank Me with the thanks that is due to Me.' Moses asked, ?O Lord, but how can Ithank You with the thanks that is due to You, when every single expression of thanks that I may convey has been bestowed upon Me by You?' He replied, ?O Moses, you thank Me with the thanks that is due to Me when you acknowledge that it is indeed from Me.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Qasas al-Anbiyd' li al-Rdwandi, p. 161, no. 178

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Question : #390 Category: Dress & Clothing
Subject: usage of leather products
Question: What is your ruling on buying and using leather products in non-Muslim countries?
Answer: Leather products are impure (najis) and sal

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