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The ignorant is one who considers himself knowledgeable about what he is [in actual fact] ignorant of, and he is content with his own opinion. He distances himself from the scholars and he is constantly finding fault with them. He deems invalid the views of those who oppose him, and that which he does not understand he sees as fallacious. If he comes across something that he does not know, he denies it and falsifies it, saying out of ignorance, 'I have never heard of this !' or 'I do not see it as possible! or 'How can it be!' or 'Where is this from?' This is due to his confidence in his own opinion and the paucity of his awareness of his own ignorance. For this reason he will remain attached to his ignorance, and as a consequence, denies the truth, remains confused in his own ignorance and too proud to seek knowledge.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Tuhaf al-'u1 ?l> P- 73

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Question : #382 Category: Business / Investment
Subject: government intervention
Question: Some governments are committed to providing housing for the needy under specific circumstances. Is it permissible for a Muslim to buy a house in which he resides for a short time (so that he will not be liable for khums [on that house]), and then he gives it out on rent so he can then go and live in a house subsidized by the government?
Answer: Khums is not waived from a house just by living in it for a short while without actually being in need of it, as has been presumed in the question.
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