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that Imam 'Ali (AS) used to come to the market and exhort, ?O Market traders, fear Allah and beware of making false oaths, for though it may sell your goods, it eradicates all benediction thereof. The trader [by nature] is corrupt, except those who take only their right, and give back the right due, and upon you be peace.' Then a few days would pass, and he would come there again and exhort them as he did before.'

Abu Sa'id
Ibid. v. 103, p. 102, no. 44

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Question : #381 Category: Marriage - Nikkah
Subject: embracing temp marriage when in nikkah
Question: A Muslim man who is married to a Muslim woman migrated from his country. After a longthy stay in the West country, he wants to embark on temporary marriage with a woman from Ahlul Kitab just a few days after divorcing his Muslim wife.

Is this permissible for him, espeually when his Muslim wife is still in her waiting period (al idda)?
Answer: The temporary marriage mentioned in the question is considered invalid because the wife who is in the waiting period of a revocable divorce is still considered as a wife.

It has just been mentioned that to temporary marry an Ahlul Kitab woman while one has a Muslim wife is not permissible [as a matter of compulsary precaution].

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