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'On the day of the battle of Khaybar, some of the Prophet (SAWA)'s companions came to him, [listing who had been martyred], 'x is a martyr, y is a martyr, etc...' until they mentioned a particular man as having been martyred, upon which the Prophet (SAWA) exclaimed, 'No way, verily I have seen him burning in the Fire, clad in a shawl or a cloak that he had taken [as a breach of trust of the war booty].'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Targhib wa al-Tarhib, v. 2, p. 307, no. 4

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Question : #373 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: Friday prayers and Zohr link?
Question: Does performing Friday (jumuah) prayer compensate for noon (zuhr) prayer or not?
Is Friday prayer superior to the noon prayer?
Answer: Performing Friday prayer in such a way that all appropriate conditions are fulfilled, according to the shariah, is superior to performing noon (prayer).

If the mukallaf performs it (Friday prayer) as such, then it (Friday prayer) replaces it (zuhr).

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