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The Imam debating with the leader of the Christians, said, 'Elisha (AS) did the same as what Jesus had done (AS) he walked on water, revived the dead, healed the blind and the leper, but his people did not take him as a god.'

Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha [as]
al-Ihtijaj, v. 2, p. 407, no. 307

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Question : #368 Category: Will / Inheritance
Subject: sperm fertilization enquiry
Question: Sperm was taken from a husband to be implanted in his wifes womb.
Afterwards the husband died. The sperm was implanted in the womb of his widow. A male baby was born to the widow.

What is the ruling on the born child and inheritance according to Sayed Sistani?
Answer: The born child is the offspring of the husband, from whom the sperm was taken. As for the inheritance, the child shall not inherit the father.

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