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Among the narrations about Prophet David (AS) that Allah revealed unto him, '...O David, I have created the hearts of those who long for Me from My Satisfaction and I have blessed them with the light of My Face...' So David said, ?O Lord, and how did they acquire this from You?!' He said, 'As a result of their good opinion, their refraining from the world and its followers, seclusion with Me and intimate conversation with Me, and this is a station that no one will achieve until they refuse the world and its people, do not occupy themselves with anything of its remembrance, devote their hearts to Me and chose Me over all My creation.'

Prophet David [as]
al-Mahajjat al-Baydd', v. 8, p. 59-61

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Question : #365 Category: Sexual Ethics & Morals
Subject: wife masturbating for husband
Question: If my wife wants me to masturbate in front of her, is it then allowed?
Answer: You are not allowed to excite yourself with your own hands, but you can do it with your wife's hand.
Follow Up
Salam aleikum - I just want to clarify....
Does this mean that if the husband is guiding the wife's hand with his hand to mastubate it is allowed - as in he is not actually touching his penis but guiding and moving his wives hand who is touching?

Please can you tell me why it is haram if your wife wants you to do it in front of her - to please her sexually or for the husband to watch his wife stimulate herself to please him? I understand anything is allowed with different degrees of halal or makrooh so that each spouse is satisfied so am confused why this is forbidden as even anal sex is allowed though strongly disliked but can be performed if the wife agrees.

Is it allowed in the instance if either doesn't orgasm but just to stimulate prior to sexual penetration with the understanding that the spouse will be the one to bring to climax?

Thank you for your time. Jak.
Follow Up Response
Interesting. I also watched it on Charles Martel (the Irish Muselmanslayer). In the mldide, the chap suddenly turned around without explaination. Did they go and have a chat with him? Like you are being too negative, be ashamed of yourself, racist blahblahblah the usual.I dunno, some people say I am a bit suspicious.Snouck

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