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'Verily the grinding stone of Islam will soon turn, so turn alongside the Qur'an wherever it turns. Soon the ruler and the Qur'an will combat each other and separate from each other. In fact there will be kings who will rule over you with one ruling and adhere to a different ruling for themselves. If you obey them, they will lead you astray. And if you disobey them, they will kill you.' They asked, ?O Messenger of Allah, what should we do if we witness such times?' He said, 'You must be like the companions of Jesus, who were cut into pieces with saws and were raised up on crosses. Dying in obedience [of Allah] is better than a life in disobedience.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Durr al-Manthur, v. 3, p. 125

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Question : #354 Category: Taqleed
Subject: Evidence of Taqleed from Holy Quran
Question: What evidence are there from holy quran and hadith that taqleed is wajib and how would you answer these akberi people when they say taqleed is not allowed according to hadith and quran?
Answer: Every Islamic act that we do must be based on evidence from Quran and authentic Hadeeths. Only the highly learned Ulama (Mujtahids) know the evidneces because they spend their life in studying and researching the Islamic books.

Muslims who are not Mujtahid must follow the verdicts of the Mujtahid which are based on evidences, which is called Taqleed, otherwise, any Islamic act not based on evidence is invalid.

Allah (SWT) says in Quran "Then ask those who have the knowledge if you do not know"(Sura Annah:43), Taqleed is acting upon the authentic evidences, and without Taqleed, either you must be a highly qualified Islamic scholar (Mujtahid) or you deeds are baseless.

There are many authentic Hadeeths ordering Muslims to follow the Ulama and act upon their verdicts, which is nothing but Taqleed.
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Need some Hadith supporting Taqleed as i have seen some Akhbari sect are brainwashing our youth.


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