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'On the Day of Resurrection, a man will be brought forth to stand before Allah, and his book of deeds will be presented to him, and he will not see any of his good deeds therein, upon which he will exclaim, my God, this is not my book! For verily I do not see any of my acts of obedience therein?!' So he will be told, 'Verily your Lord neither loses nor forgets [deeds], but your deeds have gone because of your backbiting people.' Then another man will be brought forth, and will be presented his book of deeds, and he will see many acts of obedience recorded therein, and will exclaim, my God, this is not my book! For verily I did not perform all these acts of obedience!' and he will be told, 'It is because so and so backbit you, so his deeds have been transferred to you.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Jami' al-Akhbar, p. 412, no. 1144

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Question : #350 Category: Divorce / Talaq
Subject: marriage, family issue - please help
Question: A sayyada female who got married 5 years back is not living with her husband since last 3 years and her husband is also not providing her any money since last 3 years for her basic expenses. She is also rearing up her one daughter on her own. This female is living with her parents. The parents of this female are not in the favour of taking divorce as this is a matter of insult for them. This female cant go to the court on her own as she is living in Pakistan n conditions of her city doesnt allow her to go to the court without support of her family. What is the status of her marriage now according to the shariah and what solution she can have to overcome such problem? She is willing to have divorce desperately.Jazak Allah.
Answer: She needs to refer her matter to a pious Aalim who should have authorisation from Marja of Taqleed, to solve her problem either to mediate between her and her husband or to convince him to divorce her. If the husband is not giving her her rights, then he should divorce her, and if he refuses and insists on not giving her rights and not divorcing her, the Haakim Shara or his attorney can divorce her and make free from injustice.

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