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'The people of Hell will dwell eternally in Hell because their intentions in the world were such that if they were to remain there forever they would disobey Allah forever, and the people of Heaven will dwell eternally in Heaven because their intentions in the world were such that if they were to remain there forever, they would obey Allah. Therefore, it is according to their intentions that these people and those people will have everlasting abodes. He then recited Allah's verse in the Qur?an: Say, 'Everyone acts according to his character', and said, [meaning] with his intention.?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 85, no. 5

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Question : #336 Category: Marriage - Nikkah
Subject: marriage relationship problem
Question: I hav been married for 1 year 3 months ....... still we dont have any relationship among us.. i think no one will have such a life like this .... i tried to be intimate but he avoids me ... if either of our parents know that we havt live togethereven for a single day they will be sad hurt badly.i dont want that to happen what should i do?
Answer: You and your husband need counselling to discuss the reasons of this unusual situation and try to solve the problem. You may talk to your husband and agree with him on that and take steps, but do not make it an issue of dispue and never blame him because it might worsen the situation. It is a propblem concerning both of you, and you should share the efforts to solve it.

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