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to ['Abdullah] Ibn 'Abbas, who entered his tent while he was mending his sandal, and told him, 'The pilgrims have gathered to listen to you' 'I swear by Allah, these [sandals] have more value to me than ruling over you, except for being able to uphold the law and prevent wrongdoings.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
al-Manaqib li Ibn Shahr Ashub, v. 2, p. 101

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Question : #333 Category: Business / Investment
Subject: working for Israeli company
Question: SA,Can we work in a company which is owned by an israeli? Is the income coming through such workings legitimate? Please advice.Keep up the good work.KH
Answer: It is not allowed to help any one or company who helps the occupiers of Muslim land, or the killers of innocents.

In general, helping the wrong doers in not allowed in Islam.
Follow Up
Asalaam Alaykum
Did not IMAM ALI (AS) make irrigation systems and Wells working for a jewish man?
Follow Up Response
Salamu alaykum
I am not sure right if imam ali(as) made wells for Jewish man which probably he might have, probably not. But then again that has nothing got to do with israel which is killing and occuping innocent Muslim people.

bellow is the fatwa of ayatollah sistani:

If it allocates part of its income for supporting Israel, it is not permissible.

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