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'Sins cannot be other than one of three cases: either they originate from Allah which they do not and in this case it would not be proper for the Lord to Punish His servant for what he has not committed; or that they originate from Him and the servant together which they do not and in this case it would not be proper for the strong partner to wrong the weak partner; or that they originate from the servant which they do and in this case, if Allah forgives, it is due to His kindness and liberality, or if He Punishes, it is as a result of the sin and crime of the servant.?

Imam Musa ibn Jafar al-Kadhim [as]
Ibid. v. 78, p. 323, no. 23

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Question : #331 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: salat vs jihad
Question: If a scenario occurs between jihad and Salat and only one can be performed, which one should be done?
Answer: It depends on the situation and it can not always the same. Imam Ali (AS) stopped fighting against his enemies and performed Salat on time. But if it is a situation of saving life, and lany delay can cause life loss, or big damage, then we must save life before performing Salat.

We should not leave performing Salat till it's time finishes. The way of performing Salat depends on our ability.

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