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I visited Abu 'Abdullah [al-?adiq] (AS) whilst I had not greeted our companions in the mosque of Kufa out of extreme dissimilation (taqiyah) we were observing, so Abu 'Abdullah said to me: O Ishtaq, when did you become harsh to your brothers, you go past them and you do not greet them?! So, I said: It was because of dissimilation I was observing. He (AS) said: In dissimilation you do not refrain from greeting, but in dissimilation you try not to reveal yourself.?

Ishtaq ibn 'Ammar al-Sairafi
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 76, p. 5, no. 18

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Question : #313 Category: Shia Sunni Dialogue
Subject: Is Ali higher status then Prophets?
Question: Why do Shia believe that Imams(AS) are superior to all prophets except our last prophetSAW???

Can you prove from Quran and Sunni Hadeeths??
Answer: 1. It is a clear fact agreed upon among all Muslims that the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) is the best of all creatures and the master of all prophets and all apostles.

2. Infallable Ahlul Bayt (AS) are from him, as Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran in verse (Aal Imran 34).

3. The authentic Hadeeth says (O Allah, these are my Ahlul Bayt)(Sunan Tirmizi 5/351 Arabic edition)
The result is very clear that as the status of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) is higher than any other prophet, the status of his Progeny who are from him, is higher than any one except the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA). If you believe that Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) is the highest, then his progeny who are from him should have the highest status after him.

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