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my grandfather narrated to me that Musa b. Ja'far (AS) was called the righteous slave due to his worship and hard work. Our companions narrated that he would enter the mosque of the Prophet (SAWA) and would perform a prostration early in the night. He was heard to say in his prostration, my sin from me is great whilst Your pardon from You is graceful. O One who is worthy of being feared and O One who is worthy of granting forgiveness'. He would repeat this until morning. He was generous and noble. He was once informed of someone who spoke ill of him, so he sent for him a tray with one thousand d mars.'

Hasan b. Muhammad b. Yahya al-'Alawi
Tarikh Baghdad, v. 13, p. 27

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Question : #311 Category: Sexual Ethics & Morals
Subject: using condom during sex
Question: I just want to know that Does Islam permit the use of CONDOM during the valid sex.
Answer: Yes, husband and wife are allowed to use condom to avoid pregnancy.

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