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'Khadija, daughter of Khuwaylid was a female merchant with dignity and wealth. She would employ men with her money and lend them money [to invest], receiving a portion of its profit, and the people of Quraysh were merchants. So when she heard about the Prophet (SAWA) and his being truthful in what he says, his faithfulness in trusts and his great morals, she sent for him and offered for him to take some of her wealth to Syria as a trader.'

Ibn Ishaq
Ibid. v. 1, p. 199

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Question : #295 Category: Wudhu / Ghusal
Subject: rule regarding Ghusal
Question: If a person is doing Ghusl-e-Janabat Irtimasi, must he say "I perform Ghusl-e-Janabat Irtimasi" in his Niyah? If not, is, saying "I perform Ghusl-e-Janabat" enough?
Answer: It is sufficient to intend getting nearness to Allah by getting Taharah. {Meaning, it is not necessary to mention your intention verbally. To pass it through your mind that you perform Ghusl-e Janabat is sufficient.

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