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'Keep away from doing that which you must excuse yourself for, for verily the believer neither commits a wrong nor makes excuses for himself, whereas the hypocrite commits wrongs and makes excuses for them everyday.'

Imam Hussain ibn Ali al-Shahid [as]
Tuhaf al- 'Uqul, p. 248

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Question : #266 Category: Hajj & Umrah
Subject: marriage vs hajj - which one?
Question: A single young man has become capable to perform hajj; he is also thinking about marriage. Now if he goes for hajj, his marriage ceremony will be delayed for a while. Which of the two is preferable [marriage or pilgrimage]?
Answer: He should perform the hajj and postpone the marriage unless postponing the marriage entails difficulty to the extent that it be comes unbearable. And Allah knows the best.

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