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'Verily Allah revealed to Prophet David (AS), ?O David, verily no sooner does a servant from among My servants obey Me in what I have commanded him than I give him before he asks Me, and I answer him before he supplicates Me.'

Abu Hamza
Ibid. v. 93, p. 376, no. 16

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Question : #260 Category: Death Issues
Subject: ghusal of the dead
Question: My question is about the method of ghusl of the dead, how many times it should be done and what things to be put with the corpse?
Answer: The body of a deceased person has to be given 3 ghusls:
a- with sidr water (water mixed with leaves of zilyphus lotus),
b- with camphor water and finally
c- with pure water.
After that thay apply ḥanūt, shroud the corpse, say prayer on the dead and bury. It is mustaḥabb to put two fresh-cut sticks — it is preferred to be from a palm tree — with the corpse. It is also mustaḥabb to hold ceremonies to express one’s condolences to the dead’s relatives.

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