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when a group of people praised him to his face, said, ?O Allah, You know more about me than I myself do, and I know more about myself than they do. O Allah, make us better than what they think and forgive us that which they do not know.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. Saying 100

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Question : #247 Category: Wudhu / Ghusal
Subject: ghusal for women
Question: How does a women perform her ghusl?
Answer: 1. Performing Ghusl for man and woman is the same; 1. Having the intention of Ghusl for the sake of Allah (Niyyah).

2. Pouring water or making water reach to your head and neck.

3. Making water reach to the right side of your body, then the left side of your body.

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