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'There are four kinds of people whose supplications do not get answered: the man who sits in his house saying, ?O My Lord, grant me sustenance', to whom He says, 'Did I not command you to seek [for your sustenance]?', then there is the man who has a wife and supplicates against her, to whom He replies, 'Did I not make you responsible for her [put her affairs in your hands]?', and a man who has wealth and wastes it, who says, ?O My Lord, grant me sustenance', to whom He replies, 'Did I not command you to be economical?'...and a man who has wealth and loans it to someone without keeping any proof [of loan], to whom He replies, 'Did I not command you to take a witness?!'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Da'awat, p. 33. no. 75

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Question : #236 Category: Marriage - Nikkah
Subject: daughters in the west
Question: Some Western governments allow the daughter to be independent of her parents, after she has passed the age of sixteen.

If she seeks her parents advice, it is only for seeking their opinion or out of respect for them. Is such a virgin girl allowed to marry, be it permanent or a temporary marriage, without the consent of her father?
Answer: If this means that the father has allowed her to marry whomsoever she wants or that he has withdrawn from interfering in the matter of her marriage, it is permissible for her to do so; otherwise, based on obligatory precaution, it is not permissible.

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