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my mother called me one day when the Prophet (SAWA) was sitting in our house, and she said, 'Come here so I can give you something.' The Prophet (SAWA) asked her, 'What did you want to give him?' She said, 'I wanted to give him a date.' So the Prophet (SAWA) said to her, 'If you were not to have given him anything, it would have been written against you as a lie.'

Abdullah b. 'Amir
Ibid. v. 3, p. 598, no. 34

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Question : #233 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: praying behind Sunni imam
Question: Is it permissible to offer congregational prayers behind a Sunni prayer leader?
Answer: It is permissible but you must recite Hamd and Sura yourself even though the recitation may be in low voice.

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