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'The giving of the alms-tax never diminishes wealth.'

Imam Hasan ibn Ali al-Mujtaba [as]
Ibid. v. 96, p. 23, no. 56

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Question : #226 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: shaking hands as part of work
Question: I am working in a company and supposed to shake hands with customers, male or female. If don't do that, it would be considered impolite and there is a risk of losing my job and suffering the aftermath? What should I do?
Answer: A Muslim man is not allowed to shake hands with a woman without a barrier, such as gloves, unless refraining from shaking hands will put him in a considerable harm or unbearable difficulty. In the latter case, he is allowed to shake hands to the extent of necessity only.
Follow Up
isn't it that if you don't want to shake hand then you should put your right hand on your chest?
Follow Up Response
That's correct, gesturing by placing your hand on your chest as a humble way of greeting the opposite gender.

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