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?O 'Ali, there are six consequences that result from fornication, three of which are in this world and three in the Hereafter. Irithis world, it takes away one's beauty, hastens one's death and cuts off one's sustenance. In the Hereafter, it results in an evil reckoning, solicits the indignation of the Merciful Himself and makes one deserving of eternity in the Fire.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. p. 22, no. 15

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Question : #222 Category: Music & Singing
Subject: reciting salaams with music
Question: Some people recite salaams on the tune of some songs. Is it haram or halal ?
Answer: If the recitation is not in a Lahvi manner, it is not haram. (Lahvi means something that is provocative and suitable for revelry).

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