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'One year I went on pilgrimage with al-Sadiq (AS). When his mount came to the place of ihram, whenever he intended to say labbayka [here I am ...] his voice would cut off in his throat, and he nearly fell off his mount. So I said to him, ?O son of the Prophet, say it, for you must say it', to which he replied, ?O Ibn Abi 'Amir, how can I dare say: 'I am here O Allah! I am here' whilst I fear lest he say, 'No labbayka and no welcome for you!'

Malik ibn Anas
al-Khisal, p. 167, no. 219. 'Ilal al-Shara'i', p. 235, no. 4

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Question : #221 Category: Music & Singing
Subject: ruling on ghina
Question: What is your ruling on ghina or song according to Sayed Sistani?
Answer: Singing (al-ghinã’) is harãm: doing it, listening to it, or living of it.

By “singing — al-ghinã’,” I mean an amusing statement expressed in the tunes that are suitable for those who provide entertainment and amusement.

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