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in his al-Luhuf on the authority of a narrator of traditions: 'Then Husayn (AS) called the enemy to a duel, and he kept on killing whoever stepped up to challenge him, until he had killed a large number of the enemy, upon which he said: 'Death is better than embarking on (a life of) indignity; And indignity is preferable over plunging into the Fire.' A reporter has said, 'By Allah, I have never seen a defeated one, whose children, household and companions have all been killed, as calm as him. The men [enemies] were fighting harshly with him and he too was harsh with them with his sword. He attacked an army of thirty thousand, scattered them in front of him as if they were scattered locusts. He then returned to his base, saying, 'There is no power or strength save in Allah, the most High, the Most Supreme.'

al-Sayyid Ibn al-Tawas
al-Luhuf, p. 170

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