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'Whoever dies and does not leave behind him a dirham or dinar, there is no person that will enter Heaven richer than him.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 71, p. 267, no. 17

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Question : #211 Category: Marriage - Muta'
Subject: Muta and Imam Ali
Question: Salam,
Regarding the topic of temporary marriage, our brothers from the Sunni school reject the practice as their 2nd Calipha had banned it.
Why is it that the 4th Calipha (Imam Ali AS) did not re-introduce it, if it is actually deemed as acceptable?
Answer: Narrations indicate that Amr bin Harith had contracted mutah with a Persian woman during the time of Umar.
It was Amr bin Harith who neglected his permanent wife and family responsibility due to contracted Muta relationship.

This was a reason which caused Umar to ban Mutah during his reign.

The followers of Imam Ali (as) have always observed the practise of Mutah and always recognised its legitimacy during the period of the Caliphs as our Holy Prophet (saw) mentioned it in the Holy Quran (4:24) for Jabir Abdullah Ansari.

It's crucial to point that the followers of the Caliphate had not given allegiance in faith to Imam Ali (as) but only politically.
During Imam Ali (as) 4 year Caliphate, he was engaged in 3 battles/civil disputes which indicate that his position as the Fourth Caliph was not endorsed by all which indicates his ability in power to return rulings banned by the previous Caliphs.
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Sallams, the sunni are not against the caliph of Ali as you have always made it appear to shiite. i think what is most important is for u to really understand the reason for the permissibility of mutah and the abrogation. You will come to the acceptance that the abrogation of mutah is the correct opinion. May Allah guide us aright.
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