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The Friday prayer is an obligation, and congregating for it in the presence of an Imdm .is an obligation, so If someone misses three Friday prayers without an excuse, it is as if he has abandoned the performance of three obligations, and none but a hypocrite abandons three obligations without an excuse.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 89, p. 184, no. 21

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Question : #205 Category: Interfaith Dialogue
Subject: the state of humanity
Question: My question is by no means an attempt to attack Islam or your feelings. If in any way it does so, I ask from you and our Creator pardon and mercy. I fail to understand, with the very little knowledge of Islam, (but with this much that the Muslims have always in their mandated ritual prayers, five times a day and more, asked Allah to grant their revered Prophet Muhammad and his progeny the same kind of peace and prosperity as was granted to Abraham and his progeny), could the Muslims of the time of Hussain who had followed the orders of Caliph Yazid Ibn Mu'awiyyeh had the heart to keep their Prophet Muhammad's own maternal grandson and his family thirsty till the battle ended and mercilessly kill that grandson and his kin and his thirsty six months old infant son? How could they mutilate that slain grandson's corpse by trampling it under running horses' hooves and let it remain for feeding by vultures? Why were not Hussain's remains buried according to Islamic rites by his killers who prayed five times a day to Allah and sent their salutes and good wishes to Muhammad the grandfather of Hussain? We Indians have buried the remains of our enemy Pakistani Muslim soldiers with Islamic rites by our Muslim soldiers when they were abandoned by the retreating Pakistani army at Kargil. There is a belief which you cherish is that all non believers of Islam no matter how righteously they live, will suffer in hell permanently after the Day of Reckoning. How much do you think the acts of these barbaric killers of Hussain will encourage the belief in us the non Muslims, that once we accept Islam, and we repeat that same ugly inhuman acts as those Muslims of the time of your Prophet's grandson shall get away with it in the afterworld because we had become Muslims? If accepting Islam can lead to this barbarism, we are better in this world without accepting it. As for the afterworld, well Allah is Rahmaanir Raheem and creator of all mankind from one man and his only woman! Thanks.
Answer: Allah has blessed us with the faculty of intellect as as well as reason, and it how we act upon this that determines our deeds.

Religion or accepting Islam as mentioned does not lead to barbarism, it's the shortcomings we have in our knowledge and wisdom that allows the whispers of Satan to derail us from the right path.

The matter of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (as) is a case of greed, power and vanity overcoming the soldiers realization through the temptations of material gain that resulted in the tragic event.

Allah is Rahman and Raheem, but we are on a trial on this world on how we embrace Allah's mercy in order to attain a better hereafter.

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