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'Praise be to Allah, the First before every first, and the Last after every last, and His Firstness necessitates that there is no beginning to Him, and His Lastness necessitates that there is no end to Him.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Sermon 101

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Question : #199 Category: Ahl ul Bayt / Imams
Subject: Who is Ahmad al-Hassan?
Question: Who is Ahmad al-Hassan? They he is from Basra (Iraq) is claiming to be a "messenger" of Imam Mahdi (ATFS).

This is what we know so far:

-His name is Ahmad al-Hassan. His followers call him Imam Ahmad al-Hassan al-Yemeni.
-He is from Basra, Iraq.
-He is middle aged.
-No photos available.
-They put (AS) in front of his name.
-His followers think he is "a mahdi" before THE IMAM MAHDI (ATFS).
-They think he is Wasi of Rasool Allah .
-They say he is the al-Yemeni described in Shia books of hadith.
-And that Prophet (S) had told us about him (his name) in his last will, before passing away.
-They say this will of Rasool Allah can be found in Behar al-Anwar and many other Shia books.
-His followers say that Ayatullah Sistani and Ayatullah Shirazi (and one more scholar) has issued a fatwa against him (death sentence) so he has gone into hiding.

What's the believe behind this?
Answer: Bismillah

Salaam Alaikum. Inshallah all is well.
We have many reports about people coming towards the end of time which will falsely claim to be the Mahdi (aj) or the representative of the Mahdi (aj).
We are supposed to follow the instructions we've received from our Imam's in regards to our responsibilities during the time of the occultation. We have no report on having to help this individual.
Also, the claims he is making are at times contradictory. He is feeding of the ignorance of the people and the simplicity of some of the believers.
The pious scholars of the Hawza in Qom and Najaf have looked into the matter and have warned the believers of falling pray to this mans claims.
We ask Allah to guide us to his light.

Fee Amanillah

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