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'The most sagacious of the sagacious is he who takes account of himself and works for the Hereafter, and the stupidest of the stupid is he who allows himself to follow his desires and entertains false expectations from Allah.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. p. 92, no. 250

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Question : #187 Category: Dua / Supplications
Subject: dua for pregancy
Question: Salaam Sheikh,
What's a Dua to recite for pregnancy, and what is a Dua before conceiving?
Answer: Dua for Pregnancy can be found here -

And a Dua before conceiving is when the couple of ready to go to bed, the male should put his hand on the wifes forehead and pray the following Dua while facing the Qiblah.

Allahumma bi amanatika akhaztuha wa bi kalimatika s-tahlaltuha. Fa in qazayta li minha waladan, faj-alhu mubarakan taqiyyan min Shiati Al-i Muhammad (sal-lal-lahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam) wa la taj-al lish Shaytani fihi shirkan wa la nasiba.

O Allah! I have taken her as Your trust and have made her lawful for myself by Your words. Therefore, if you have decreed for me a child from her, then make him/her blessed and pious from among the followers of the Family of Muhammad [peace be upon him and them]; and do not let the Satan have any part in him/her.
Al-Urwah. p. 624.

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