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'The most wretched of people is he who is reputed amongst people for his knowledge but not known for his action thereof.'

Prophet Jesus [as]
Ibid. v. 2, p. 52, no. 19

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Question : #177 Category: Sexual Ethics & Morals
Subject: wuzu and sexual intercourse
Question: As salam alaikum
Dear Brother

In islam it is recommended to do Wuzu first then have a sexual relation with the wife.
My question is that during foreplay women secrete a liquid. Is this liquid nagis or pak.
Answer: It is always recommended to conduct Wudhu before any act, especially when conducting in intercourse with ones partner.

In terms of the liquid emitted, there are three types of liquid that comes out from the private parts:

1. Mazi - liquid that comes out gradually upon erection and foreplay. The liquid is impure and nullifies the Wudhu, but Ghusl is not necessary.

2. Mani - sperms which comes out with force. Sperms are impure and Ghusl becomes compulsory.

3. Wadi - liquid which comes out sometimes after urine.

The said liquid is clean. However, when one cannot ascertain whether the fluid emitted from one's body is semen, urine or something else, it will be treated as semen if it is thrown out with lust and if the body is slackened.
Follow Up
You have mentioned that 'Mazi' is impure and nullifies the Wudhu. Could you please confirm this issue. Because as far as I have studied, mazi is not impure, according to Ayatollah Sistani.

Please check point # 74

Please advise if ayatollah has changed his rulings.
Follow Up Response
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