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The worst I fear for my community are three: the downfall of a scholar, the disputation of a hypocrite by means of the Qur'an, and the world which beheads you. So, for your own sakes, be suspicious of this world.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
al-Khisal, p. 163, no. 214

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Question : #175 Category: Sexual Ethics & Morals
Subject: sinning and repentenance
Question: As-salaam mulaikum. Obviously a man who has sinned and the one who has not sinned are at different levels of piety, but can a man who has sinned catch up to the status of the one who has not sinned through repentence and peforming good deeds.
Answer: Bismillah

Salaam Alaikum. Inshallah all is well.
Comparing involves many different factors. One may not commit a certain sin but commit others. When doing good deeds, there are different intentions. So it may be that a person who's committed sins repents and performs good deeds that are better in quality than a person who hasn't committed that sin.
What's important is that instead of comparing to realize that Allah says if one repents, corrects their deeds and performs good, Allah will convert their misdeeds which have been written in their book of actions to good ones. This means no matter what we've done, we should have hop to become one of the best servants of God who become of the purified ones.
Keep me in your prayers.

Fee Amanillah
Follow Up
This book was a joke. How incredibly dpiopiasnting! It was focused on trying to prove that Islam is a valid religion and the Koran directly the work of God from him. The explanations made me more skeptical and wary of the entire Islam religion. According to the logic in this book, Nostradamous is a prophet of equal stature to Mohammed and should be revered. Nostradamous' quatraines were written in a similar style and can be interpreted to say he is predicting history and scientific principles that he could never have known in his time period. I am not against Islam, but this book really gave me a negative attitude, since it was trying to prove itself more than just expounding on what the beliefs are and what Islam is all about .
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