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'From among [the matters of] wisdom is to avoid dispute with one who is above you, to not disesteem anyone below you, to not undertake a task which is outside of your capability, to not have your tongue contradict your heart and neither your word [contradict] your action, to not speak of that which you do not know, and to not abandon a matter as it approaches only to pursue it as it retreats.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 9450

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Question : #165 Category: Imam Mahdi
Subject: saluting the Imam in dua Faraj
Question: Why do we stand and put our hand on our head when we recite Dua Faraj or when Imam Mahdi is mentioned?

What does it symbolize?
Answer: It is a sign of your allegiance to the Qaim, by standing and placing your hand on your forehead is recognizing his status and position.
Follow Up
Why do we not do the same when Allah or our Prophets name is mentioned?
Follow Up Response
As Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan al Mahdi is the current and present Imam of our time.

As it says ... "Verily I am going to make a caliph in the earth ". . . ( Holy Quran 2: 30) refers in the Tafsir's that there will always be a Caliph on Earth.

We plead allegiance to the living Imam as His sincere followers and helpers in propagating Islam.

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