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in his will to his son after he had been struck by Ibn Muljam, 'Know that Mu'awiya will oppose you just as he opposed me, and in conciliating and making peace with him, you will be following in the footsteps of your grandfather (AS) when he conciliated with the Bani Qamra and the Bani Ashja' tribes ... and if instead you wish to fight your enemy, know that you will not find any from among your followers who will be loyal to you anymore than those loyal to your father.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahjal-Sa'dda, v. 2, p. 742

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Question : #160 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: parties in the west
Question: Many of my friends who are not Muslim decide to have their birthdays in nightclubs etc...these are generally the only times I go to nightclubs.

Considering I don't drink alcohol or engage in sinful acts (I generally just find a corner and talk to friends) should I still be trying to not be in these situations?

Many of these friends I would consider close but they would sort of understand me not going.
Answer: Bismillah

Salaam Alaikum. Inshallah all is well.
There are a few rules that need to be considered.
Firstly, if the nightclub is regarded as a bar where the main component of the gathering is drinking, we aren't allowed to go in, even if we don't plan on drinking.
If there's anyone drinking on a table, we can't sit on that table and eat, according to Ayatullah Sistani, you're not allowed to sit even if you're not planning on eating.
Another ruling to consider is fear of falling in sin. This is a pretty general ruling. If one is fearful of this gathering being one that one would end up in a situation where we will commit sin (such as looking at non-Mahram in a haram way, or any other sin), we need to avoid that situation and we aren't allowed to go there.
From a purely halal and haram approach, these were the rulings. However, if one wants to gain spirituality, the proximity of Allah, and being accepted by the holy Prophet (pb) as a true follower, we need to take more precaution. We are told not be around people when they are committing sins. Nightclubs are very sinful settings. It doesn't' seem the Imam of our time would be pleased to know we are in a nightclub.
Keep me in your prayers.

Fee Amanillah

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