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'Knowledge is such a dignified thing that he who is not proficient at it claims to be so, and one is pleased for it to be attributed to him. And ignorance is such a rebuked thing that even the one who possesses it claims to be free of it.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Munyat al-Murid, p. 110

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Question : #147 Category: Marriage - Muta'
Subject: Muta with Sunni girl
Question: If I want to do a temporary marriage with a Sunni girl, but her father does not believe in Mu'tah - do I still need his permission according to Sayed Sistani?
Answer: Regardless of which School of Thought, If her father does not permit, the marriage is not valid.
However that said, if her father does not interfere in her affairs and she is independent in her, the marriage would be in order.
Follow Up
what to do,if wali is dead??virgin girl is independent in desion

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