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in his speech on the day of 'Ashara' said, 'Beware! Now this impostor, son of the impostor [i.e. 'Ubaydullah b. Ziyad, son of Ziyad b. Abih] has cornered me between two things: between unsheathing the swords, and bearing humiliation. And far be it that we accept humiliation. Verily Allah, His Prophet, the believers, the sacred and pure laps which have nursed us and which abhor disgrace, have all refused that obedience to the ignoble men be chosen over an honourable death.'

Imam Hussain ibn Ali al-Shahid [as]
al-Luhuf p. 97

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Question : #1440 Category: Music & Singing
Subject: Music
Question: Which kind of music is permitted/allowable to be listened to in shariah? Few days earlier I asked a question about music to some scholars, in its reply they said that some type of music is lawful while the other is unlawful! So which is lawful and which is unlawful? They also said that the music which is suited for the gatherings of amusement and entertainment is unlawful, what do they meant by that? Do they mean that the music which is played and listened to now a days is unlawful, and the music which was played in old times (romantic/classical music) is lawfull, though there were some fast songs in old times too! Please elaborate all this with examples!

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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