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that when his father, Imam 'Ali Zayn al-'Abidin (AS) was approaching death, he hugged him close to his chest and said, ?O My son, I am advising you of the same thing that my father advised me in his will when he was approaching death, and the same thing that he said his father advised him O my son! Beware of wronging one who has no helper against you but Allah.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 331, no. 5

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Question : #143 Category: Wudhu / Ghusal
Subject: ghusal without water
Question: If there is no water available, can Ghusal be performed? if so, how?
Answer: Salaam alaykum,

According to the conditions (two-bow lengths) if there is no water available one must perform tayammum in place of ghusl.

There are differences of opinions amongst the maraja' regarding the method of tayammum. One would need to refer to their own marja' to learn the method.

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