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The Children of Israel went to seek out Zacharias in order to kill him, so he left fleeing into the desert. A tree parted open and he entered into it, but the hem of his clothes remained outside, so they came and stood around it, and sawed through him with a saw.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Kanz al-'Ummal, no. 32330

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Question : #1273 Category: Divorce / Talaq
Subject: I want divorce for my wife
Question: I had been married about one and half year ago. my wife is drug addicted and very arrogant mannered girl. She put many false cases on me and my old parents. We tried for mutual divorce but she denied.
Currently she is living with me but make my life like hell. I do all the work at home like cooking washing my clothe. heating water etc. and then go to job.
Please tell me the way to rid off her. any enlightenment that she give me divorce. please answer me.
her name is pooja rani

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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