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'Know that acts of courtesy earn Praiseworthy results, and end in rewardable gains. If you were to see acts of courtesy personified as a man, you would perceive him to be good and handsome, pleasing for people to behold and transcending all the worlds. And if you were to see acts of vileness personified, you would perceive an ugly, revolting, disfigured man, whom the hearts would be averse to and whom the eyes would turn away from in disgust.'

Imam Hussain ibn Ali al-Shahid [as]
A'lam al-Din, p. 298

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Question : #1255 Category: Black Magic / Evil Eye
Subject: Eaten sihr
Question: Assalam alaikum
I am very badly possessed
I have sihr in my stomach
During ruqya I vomit but nothing comes out
I have tried drinking senna but something in stuck in my intresting and not comes out even after drinking senna
How to remove this eaten sihr ?
Thank you

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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