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with respect to Allah's verse in the Qur'an: Those to whom We have given the Book follow it as it ought to be followed. said, 'They recite its verses and understand its meanings and act according to its laws. They hope for its reward, fear its Punishment, take examples from its stories, take lesson from its parables, perform its orders, stay away from what it has prohibited. By Allah, it is not just memorizing its verses, citing its words, reciting its chapters, and learning its parts. They have memorized its words and lost its limits. That which is important is contemplating into its verses, Allah Almighty says: [It is ] a blessed Book that We have sent down to you, so that they may contemplate its signs.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Tanbih al-Khawatir, v. 2, p. 236

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Question : #1231 Category: Divorce / Talaq
Subject: husband homosexuel reformed
Question: Salamou alaaykoum

I am a 37 year old man, married for 6 years and father of a 2 years old girl. I have always had an attraction for men, I had informed my wife before our marriage, but I always hamdoullilah managed to fight this through prayer. During a trip for an internship of 6 months abroad, I yielded to this ignominy. My wife who was spying on my phone noticed it. She asks me to divorce, tells me that I became haram 3alayha, and offers to remarry a few months later if she sees that I really changed, so that our child does not grow up separated from his father. For my part, I love my wife and I regret more than anything in the world what happened. I am convinced that my current problem as a couple is a sign of divine chastisement. I am starting a depression. Being still abroad for this internship, I had to reluctantly confess everything to my sister and my mother, who met him to ask him to forgive me. I pray night and day, I will inchaellah fast 2 consecutive months or feed 60 poor, and do not know what to do to save my marriage. Can we do without divorce, knowing that my intention to change is real and definitive?

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