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'Naughtiness of a boy in his childhood is good, as it will bring cIemency to him as an aduIt.?

Imam Musa ibn Jafar al-Kadhim [as]
Kitab man la yahdurahi al-Faqih, v. 3, p. 493, no. 4748. Playing has a fundamental role in the growth of children. We know that the word 'play' means negligence and wastage of time for the elders but it is contrary in the case of the child which is a prelude to his growth and perfection. Playing in the childhood does not postpone the perfection of the child rather it is the other way round. It is through this way that the potentials and talents of the child grow and progress. Hence, it has been

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Question : #121 Category: Major Sins
Subject: repenting for zina
Question: In the past i had done a bad act, a had competed 'zina' or slept with a woman who isn't my wife.

I have repented over time, but what can i do to ensure God's forgiveness?
Answer: Salaam alaykum,

For adultery the only thing that you can do is sincerely repent. Allah is the most forgiving.

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