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'The wife of Job (AS) said to him one day, 'If only you supplicated to Allah to cure you!' He said, 'Woe unto you! We enjoyed blessings for seventy years, so lets be patient with calamities in its equivalent!' The narrator says, 'He did not stay after this for long until he was cured.'

Ibn 'Abbas
al-Da'awat, p. 165, no. 456

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Question : #121 Category: Major Sins
Subject: repenting for zina
Question: In the past i had done a bad act, a had competed 'zina' or slept with a woman who isn't my wife.

I have repented over time, but what can i do to ensure God's forgiveness?
Answer: Salaam alaykum,

For adultery the only thing that you can do is sincerely repent. Allah is the most forgiving.

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